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We want your business, not your treasures! We work with you to keep your items!

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If you need a money loan right away, consider coming to us for a pawn loan. We can provide you with a fair return on certain items. We will make sure that all of your items that you pawn with us are safe until your return.


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If you have gold that is sitting around and not being used, be sure to do yourself a favor by bringing it to us! We will provide you with great cash opportunities, and you'll be thankful you finally did something with all that gold.

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You may visit our eBay store and choose from various items ranging from electronic gadgets, rare collectible items, and many more.

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When you come visit us, you'll find that we are more interested in keeping your business, not your belongings.

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With over 27 years in the family-owned and operated business, we are lucky enough to be called the oldest pawn shop in Rapid City thanks to the support of our customers.

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